Dry dock ramp for vessels up to 1000 Ton | Workshop | Pier for repairs afloat | Manual labor committed with the quality of the jobs in the diversify disciplines on engineering such as: industrial, naval and civil.
Marine Infrastructure for Floating Repairs, Cranes and Equipment for Rigging and Special Maneuvers.
Design and construction of bulbs for improve the hydrodynamic performance of the hulls.

Group Companies

Servicios Portuarios
S.A de C.V.

We are a shipyard with more than 20 years of experience attending national and foreign flag boats. We have the capacity of design and construction of ships in steel and naval aluminum.

Numbers Serport


Boat Maintenance

Certified Engineers

m2 of space

  • Terminal Marítima, Muelle #3 - Puerto El Sauzal, Ensenada

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