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Servicios Portuarios, S.A. de C.V. (Serport) is a 100% Mexican owned marine and ports logistics corporation based in the Port of El Sauzal, Baja California, Mexico, which lies within one of the most dynamic regions in the World.

Here, new business opportunities converge, promoted by innovative solutions for the marine and port industry. Serport has the infrastructure to facilitate the exportation and importation of industrial goods, bulk cargo and aggregates such as rock, sand and other commodities and manufactured goods.

Our equipment and large capacity cranes allow us to provide lifts of heavy structures and machinery to and from vessels.

Serport makes possible the maritime exchange of raw materials and industrial products, while promoting regional economic development, and always compromised with operating efficiency, safety and respect for the environment.

Through leadership, professionalism and true values, we offer our clients and partners solutions that go beyond the service. Our work is based on collaboration, trust and integrity. In Serport, you will always find the best option!